Election Day

Hi Everyone,

The day is finally here! Voters will be at the polls from 7am to 8pm. If it’s not already clear, we will lose great teachers and suffer a tremendous set-back if this vote does not pass.

We need all of our Gardner residents and their connections at those polls voting YES on Question 4! We’ve been told it’s going to be very close but based on what I’ve seen in and around the community, I am optimistic that we can pass the override for the first time in Gardner’s history. In fact, I think we’ll win by a good margin if all of our pledged voters show up.

That said, one of the greatest hurdles is exactly that: Getting people to the polls. We need you to send out messages, remind everyone you know that it’s election day and that we need them out there. People tend to think that their one vote doesn’t matter but this is a popular vote. We can’t afford to lose a single one.

Keep an eye out for our supporters! They will be standing and holding posters near as many polling locations throughout the day as possible. It sounds like we’ll even have students out there speaking up on behalf of their great teachers!

Thank you all for your support and dedication! I’m looking forward to waking up on Wednesday to some very good news.

Brandon Hughey

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