Positivity Please

IMG_2056Hello All,

We know that the vote did not go our way, but please do not lose hope and please stay positive during this time. We may have another chance to change the citizens’ that were against the 2 ½ overrides minds. However we cannot do this by becoming negative and not working together. Hopefully if we do get another chance we can work together and spread all the good our school system does!

To help spread the word of all the good we do and all that we do that goes over and beyond what we need to do, don’t hesitate to ask the newspaper or public officials to come to your classroom when you are doing something extra. Such as if your students are doing some sort of presentation in front of the class or you are doing a fun hands on science activity , having some kind of celebration, or simply learning a new poem or song. Having the public see all the positive things we do in our classrooms and schools will help tremendously when trying to convince citizens of helping us fund our schools appropriately.

We also would like to give an enormous thank you to Brandon Hughey for all his hard work and his many many hours spent to help spread the word about the override and why our school system needed it so badly to pass.


Again please stay positive and hopeful!

Your Friends on the Executive Board

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