Co-Vice President Heather Friend-Francoeur

Everyone with a child who has been at Gardner Middle School has heard what a fabulous teacher Heather Friend-Francoeur is! Currently, a 7th grade Science teacher, Heather is also a co-Vice President of the GEA. The 2021-2022 school year will be Heather’s tenth year in Gardner. Originally on the 8th grade team, Heather stayed at GMS and moved to 7th grade when the schools were realigned a few years ago. Heather has also coached the middle school track team for the past several years. Outside of the classroom, Heather gardens and is active outdoors in nature in general. She also enjoys cooking and fitness. The GEA is lucky that Heather is on the Executive Board as she works tirelessly with the students and educators in Gardner to provide the quality education our children deserve. 

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